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Download the SHQ App below and get ready to track your sports journey with photos, match details and stats.

Follow the Below Steps

Step 1


  • Download the app for free from your app store. “SHQ”

Step 2


  • The registration process is quick and only a few short steps.

Step 3

Free Coins

  • Every new user receives 500 free coins to try the app. Enjoy!

Step 4

Why do I need Coins

  • SHQ has users all over the world so its easier for everyone if we use coins as our currency.
  • You buy the coins and the coins redeem the Skins.

Step 5

What are Skins

  • Skins are what you need to make the cards.
  • Think of a Skin like a digital picture frame.
  • A Skin is the first thing you need to make your card.
  • There are 100’s of Skins to chose from in SHQ.

Step 6

Cost of Skins

  • Different Skins cost different amounts.
  • Anywhere from 75 coins – 150 coins.

Step 7

How much are coins

  • The coins come in packs.

    • 125 coins: US $ 1.00
    • 600 coins: US $ 5.00
    • 1500 coins: US $ 10.00
    • 3200 coins :US $  20

Step 8

Create a Card

  • Tap CREATE A CARD on the front page of SHQ
  • Slide the top menu bar to find your Skin category and select a Skin
  • Pick a colour
  • Upload a photo
  • Add in your details on the front
  • Add in your stats and comments on the back
  • Preview your card
  • Save your card in your Locker
  • Share on the socials

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